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Fastlab Kawasaki KRX1000 Spare Tire Carrier



  • Can Hold a 35″ Tire with no modifications
  • Works with OEM and most aftermarket cages
  • Fully bolt-on for easy installation
  • Lug nuts not included but are available
  • Available in black powder coat (contact us for custom colors)


At Fastlab, we think outside of the box. While putting a spare tire above the bed may seem like a good idea, the last thing we want to do is try and pull a heavy tire from up high to the ground. We like it easy, right at chest level using OEM wheel studs that key into the wheel bolt holes. By moving the spare to outside of the bed, this means you can run a 35″ spare as well. Designed with enough offset to handle any wheel configuration and enough space to still access the ample bed space. This product also frames the bed nicely to provide additional tie down security to the items in your bed.


Your Purchase Supports American Manufacturing!

NOTE: The customer is required to install the supplied wheel studs.  The recommended method is to use a press.  The next best option is the Lisle 22800 wheel stud installer or simply an M12 x 1.25 Nut and washers to pull the stud in.  If you are uncomfortable with the wheel stud installation, take the tire carrier to your local mechanic.


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